Traveling around the world is so expensive right?  That’s what I hear from people when we tell them our plans. “Oh you guys must have so much money to be able to do that.” or “What money did you come into to be able to afford that.”

Well after spending months researching, surfing the web and our experience of living off the grid in our caravan, we have come to the conclusion that it’s cheaper to be traveling than to live in a house and being stationary. The most expensive part is actually getting a ticket out of Australia. 

​Over the past 10 years we have done some overseas traveling but nothing to this extent.  We are by no means an expert on this subject and in no way claim to be, this is all based on researching and following a number of families already living this kind of lifestyle.

While on previous holidays we weren’t really concerned about how much we spent, we never kept a budget and if we saw something we liked we went ahead and bought it.  This is going to be a whole new ball game for us.

​As we don’t really have an end date for our travels we will be doing a overall budget for each continent and calculate it for 1 year of travel. Our goal budget is $120 per day on average.  Our daily budget includes food, accommodation and transport within that local area.


Having never traveled to South East Asia before we really had no idea what kind of budget we need. After doing a ton of research we are going to set our budget at $80 per day. Although there are so many countries in South East Asia and expenses change with each country, we are hoping this budget evens out.


Having already spent 4 weeks in the USA we have a fair idea of what needs to be in our budget. To cut costs we are planning on buying an RV to resell when we finish up and hopefully recover most of our cost. We are going to be one of those Walmart families. We also have friends and family all over that we will be staying with. So our budget for America is set at $120 per day.


Once again having never traveled to Europe I got on the trusted Google and started my research. As Europe is quite exy we are going to buy another RV type of vehicle thus cutting our costs down again. I already know we are not a self cater type of family so food is going to be our biggest expense through out Europe. Our budget we have set for Europe is $150 per day. We are hoping with our lower South East Asian budget we can re coupe the extra $$$ for Europe.


We will be having a completely separate budget for travel expenses, this will include all our flights, bus fares, car hire, RV purchases and all our visas. For this budget we are looking at around $15000 to cover everything.


Activities are a big one for us. As I want to spend 1 week at Disney World for my 40th we kinda need a bit of a bigger budget. So we are going to set aside $10000 for all our activities. I am secretly hoping that we come a bit under budget in this area, but I also don’t want to miss anything we really want to do.

So for 1 year of travel we need $68800 for everything we want to do. This total does not include our travel gear and travel insurance cost. I am quietly confident that we can live within this budget. Accommodation wont be a problem as we already go for the cheapest we can find, and carrying only 7kg backpacks will defiantly curve the spending, my biggest concern will be the amount we will be spending on food. Fingers crossed we can stick to this.